I have returned


After a six weeks in the european wasteland known as Spain, I have returned. I now speak like 80-90% spanish with my parents now which is great. Hopefully I can keep reading and writing in spanish so I don’t lose the grammar, we’ll see. The first few days back are business as usual, sitting bleary-eyed in my bed immersed in an opiate haze of digital media as I slowly sublime into a diffuse gas and disperse into nothing.

To prevent myself from fully transitioning into a gaseous state and regain some mote of sapience, I’m going to try to start working on the website so I can write more broadly about academic subjects. I feel like if I can start writing about the things I learn, I can finally actually learn and not just be working for the grade. Up until now I feel like I’ve only gone through the motions for the sake of doing them. I want to actually feel like a scholar who knows and is regularly learning more about the things they’re interested in. Let’s see how I do in this final month before I am tossed once again into the meat grinder that is uchicago.

Gay Gay Homosexual Gay


This past June I technically attended my first pride unexpectedly. I, being a gay myself, was planning to go to New York pride but I didn’t go, mostly because I thought it would be weird going by myself. After that, I thought I would have to wait for next year. But on June 29th I was going to Madrid Spain before eventually going to Salamanca for a 6-week long intensive Spanish course. When I stepped out of the hotel on July 1st, the day after I arrived, I was surprised to see the gayest city I ever laid my eyes upon. Everyone was walking around in pride stuff, there was live music, large party buses, and many flagrant homosexuals were all about. It was nice to see. It makes me wish I had gay friends to go to pride with.



NEW FEATURE: Image Carousel

Now I can display my cool photography and other visual creations. It seems a bit primitive since you can only see one at a time. I will make a photo gallery feature eventually. Below is a carousel with the cool star pics I mentioned in the previous post.

Note: it seems to have severe image-loading issues on the live site. I’m going to have to learn more about image loading to figure this out. It is possible though that website caching, once I turn it on, might fix this.

Slowly Deteriorating into a Homogenous Soup


Ever since I got back from the star trip I’ve just been kind of fucking around doing nothing. Mostly sleeping in and watching some sweet content. This is in spite of the fact that I have many responsibilities that I have neglected such as:

  • This website
  • Magic and Astrology research
  • Playing bass
  • A volunteering project I’m involved with
  • Driving car
  • Emailing Professors

Well, at least I’m going to Spain for some study abroad which should help realign my schedule.

In other news, I got some sweet pics of the stars that I used some photoshop magic on to make them look nice and also trace the constellations. I should probably add an image gallery to this site so I can showcase these and any other visually interesting things I may produce.

I wrote all of the headers for the sections in my astrology basics page. My plan is to fill those out and then start branching the astrology section into more pages. We’ll see when that gets done.

The Stars Beckon


Today I’m going on a trip to a state park to see the dark sky for the first time. I got with me a telescope and a camera to take some cool photos(I should probably make a page for all of my nice photos). Hopefully, things won’t be cloudy so I can get a good view.

I’ve started on a page on the basics of astrology. Here will just be all of the fundamentals I learn about astrology. Later I might make the topics on this page their own pages if I learn enough about them individually, but for now, since it’s all new to me it’ll stay there.

I’ve also started an about me page. I don’t know exactly what to put there but I’ll figure it out. I also made a sick photoshop edit of myself, first time I’ve properly used photoshop. I have to figure out where I’ll put the link to the page because right now you have to type in the link to get to it.

In other news, I’m planning to make a youtube video for the first time. It’s going to be about antitheism, a topic I resonate strongly with but I haven’t seen much written about(not that I have anything novel to contribute). I already have a youtube channel with some videos of me playing bass so it’ll be on that. Once I make the video I’ll put the link to the channel somewhere on the site.

The Smog


Today smoke from Canada forest fires has blanketed the entire tristate area. The scene of New York city looked like it came from a horror game. It also perpetually smelled like cigarettes. I got some cool pics from it though so there’s that.

I also watched Howl’s Moving Castle today, banger film. I really liked all the magic. It was very spirit based which I found cool. On the topic of magic I also started reading the first few chapters of the Picatrix. So far it’s just giving an overview of the cosmology at play which is fascinating. There’s so many little phrases that are so vital yet kind of hard to interpret, hopefully I’ll be able to decipher them. I also updated the Magic Main home page to reflect what I’m actually reading now. Before I sleep I’m going to get started on the orgo stuff. Also note to self: make an about me page.

Today is a new day(night)


Hello this is the first post on the main portion of my website. Well, by main I mean its the front page, the main purpose of this website is to document the things I learn. On the left you can see links to the main portions of the website. Right now it’s just Magic, which has just a few tid bits I wrote awhile ago, and Orgo, which is empty aside from dummy text. Now that I am mostly done with design(orgo leaves a lot to be desired) I will try to populate these two portions in the coming weeks before and while I’m in Spain.

I want to link a website that inspired some of the choices I’ve made in the design: TheAlmightyGuru. This is a neat website that was created by a guy named Dean Tersigni who’s been running this website since at least 2001!(incomprehensible to me, someone born in 2004) He has several articles about video games and I found it when researching for a maze based video game. I really liked it because he has a lot of diverse pages and content which is what I’m aiming for here. From what I’ve read, he seems pretty neat. In the infinitesimally small chance he(or anyone for that matter) sees this, I think your cool :)

Well, good night, we’ll see what I post next.