I have returned


After a six weeks in the european wasteland known as Spain, I have returned. I now speak like 80-90% spanish with my parents now which is great. Hopefully I can keep reading and writing in spanish so I don’t lose the grammar, we’ll see. The first few days back are business as usual, sitting bleary-eyed in my bed immersed in an opiate haze of digital media as I slowly sublime into a diffuse gas and disperse into nothing.

To prevent myself from fully transitioning into a gaseous state and regain some mote of sapience, I’m going to try to start working on the website so I can write more broadly about academic subjects. I feel like if I can start writing about the things I learn, I can finally actually learn and not just be working for the grade. Up until now I feel like I’ve only gone through the motions for the sake of doing them. I want to actually feel like a scholar who knows and is regularly learning more about the things they’re interested in. Let’s see how I do in this final month before I am tossed once again into the meat grinder that is uchicago.