Slowly Deteriorating into a Homogenous Soup


Ever since I got back from the star trip I’ve just been kind of fucking around doing nothing. Mostly sleeping in and watching some sweet content. This is in spite of the fact that I have many responsibilities that I have neglected such as:

  • This website
  • Magic and Astrology research
  • Playing bass
  • A volunteering project I’m involved with
  • Driving car
  • Emailing Professors

Well, at least I’m going to Spain for some study abroad which should help realign my schedule.

In other news, I got some sweet pics of the stars that I used some photoshop magic on to make them look nice and also trace the constellations. I should probably add an image gallery to this site so I can showcase these and any other visually interesting things I may produce.

I wrote all of the headers for the sections in my astrology basics page. My plan is to fill those out and then start branching the astrology section into more pages. We’ll see when that gets done.