The Smog


Today smoke from Canada forest fires has blanketed the entire tristate area. The scene of New York city looked like it came from a horror game. It also perpetually smelled like cigarettes. I got some cool pics from it though so there’s that.

I also watched Howl’s Moving Castle today, banger film. I really liked all the magic. It was very spirit based which I found cool. On the topic of magic I also started reading the first few chapters of the Picatrix. So far it’s just giving an overview of the cosmology at play which is fascinating. There’s so many little phrases that are so vital yet kind of hard to interpret, hopefully I’ll be able to decipher them. I also updated the Magic Main home page to reflect what I’m actually reading now. Before I sleep I’m going to get started on the orgo stuff. Also note to self: make an about me page.