The Stars Beckon


Today I’m going on a trip to a state park to see the dark sky for the first time. I got with me a telescope and a camera to take some cool photos(I should probably make a page for all of my nice photos). Hopefully, things won’t be cloudy so I can get a good view.

I’ve started on a page on the basics of astrology. Here will just be all of the fundamentals I learn about astrology. Later I might make the topics on this page their own pages if I learn enough about them individually, but for now, since it’s all new to me it’ll stay there.

I’ve also started an about me page. I don’t know exactly what to put there but I’ll figure it out. I also made a sick photoshop edit of myself, first time I’ve properly used photoshop. I have to figure out where I’ll put the link to the page because right now you have to type in the link to get to it.

In other news, I’m planning to make a youtube video for the first time. It’s going to be about antitheism, a topic I resonate strongly with but I haven’t seen much written about(not that I have anything novel to contribute). I already have a youtube channel with some videos of me playing bass so it’ll be on that. Once I make the video I’ll put the link to the channel somewhere on the site.