Today is a new day(night)


Hello this is the first post on the main portion of my website. Well, by main I mean its the front page, the main purpose of this website is to document the things I learn. On the left you can see links to the main portions of the website. Right now it’s just Magic, which has just a few tid bits I wrote awhile ago, and Orgo, which is empty aside from dummy text. Now that I am mostly done with design(orgo leaves a lot to be desired) I will try to populate these two portions in the coming weeks before and while I’m in Spain.

I want to link a website that inspired some of the choices I’ve made in the design: TheAlmightyGuru. This is a neat website that was created by a guy named Dean Tersigni who’s been running this website since at least 2001!(incomprehensible to me, someone born in 2004) He has several articles about video games and I found it when researching for a maze based video game. I really liked it because he has a lot of diverse pages and content which is what I’m aiming for here. From what I’ve read, he seems pretty neat. In the infinitesimally small chance he(or anyone for that matter) sees this, I think your cool :)

Well, good night, we’ll see what I post next.